Marketing Team Goals (2018-2019)

  1. Engage in state wide outreach to our boating community: National is promoting USPS|ABClub nationwide, we can do the same by selectively sending articles/updates about our local organization to yachting magazines, local newspapers, and have a continued online presence with our boating communities.​

    MEASUREMENT: At least four articles/updates this Watch year.


  2. Learn and connect with our assigned squadrons. Meet with our squadrons to learn where they are with their marketing approach (promoting their squadron), and help them to connect with their local boating community to promote visibility, education and our civic and social aspects. Connecting with the squadrons can take the form of actual site visits (highly encouraged) and through the use of the GoToMeeting tool.

       MEASUREMENT: At least one visit, face to face or virtual, will take place with each squadron.

Regional Marketing Contacts

P/D/C Barbara Erickson, JN | Chair
Region of Support:

Bellevue | Tacoma | Seattle | Spokane

D/Lt/C Annette Ferguson, AP

Region of Support:

Bellingham | North Star | Everett | Skagit Bay


P/D/C Matt Lombardi, P

Region of Support:

Agate Pass | Bremerton | Poverty Bay | Friday Harbor

P/D/C Jim Jones, SN

Region of Support:

Deception Pass | North Olympic | Point Wilson


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