Do you have the necessary and current equipment required for a safe time on the water? Does your safety equipment comply with the federal and local requirements? We make it easy to find out. Have an expert who is not law enforcement double check your compliance.
A free, voluntary Vessel Safety Check is the answer, and any of our certified Vessel Examiners will be happy to perform the check. We are happy to provide an inspection whether or not you are a member.

Passing the check means you have an extra level of confidence that you comply and it was time well spent. We will issue a decal you may proudly display showing you were checked.

Vessels that successfully complete the safety check may qualify for a discount on rates with many major insurance companies. 

Failing the check is just a learning experience - not a ticket. Captain and crew will learn what is needed to comply and receive a list of items to help remember. One should also feel relieved that something was learned and a potential non-compliance issue was averted before it was needed in an emergency, or when law enforcement requested it.  Our examiner will spend the time to explain equipment, best practices, and answer your safety questions. 



  • Registration/documentation and proper display of registration numbers

  • Adequate personal flotation devices

  • Current visual distress signals for the boating area

  • Number of operating fire extinguishers for the size of boat

  • Engine compartment ventilation

  • Backfire flame control

  • Operating sound producing devices

  • Properly installed & operating navigation lights and marine sanitation devices

  • Display of required pollution and trash placards

  • Navigation rules

  • Compliance with state requirements. 

A distinctive decal is awarded for display on your vessel upon successful completion.


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