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One of the main goals of the United States Power Squadrons® is "boating safety through education!"  We believe that an educated boater is a safe boater.


In addition to America's Boating Course, USPS teaches a series of outstanding courses and seminars that cover advanced seamanship, navigational techniques, boat handling and maintenance along with enhanced topics.

We have both classroom and On-The-Water (OTW) training for our basic boating course, ABC (America's Boating Course), as well as our advanced courses like Seamanship, Piloting, Advanced Piloting, Navigation, or Sail. 

Check out the variety of courses and seminars (links below) to gain a high level overview of the range of training available at nominal cost.

Contact us for any additional questions you may have or click on the "Course Locations" in the upper menu to go to the Washington State Map, then click on a community nearest you to see a listing of courses offered at that location. 

Get your Washington State Boater Education Card and learn the skills you need to be safe while boating

These classes cover the fundamentals of boat operation and navigation in our Northwest coastal waters

These short courses are targeted to specific topics and needs, and include valuable take-away guides

Seminars are a great way to learn about a specific topic concentrated into a manageable, two-hour commitment

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